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Monday, 4 June 2012

Bounce's Puffle Journey - Part 2

Yesterday, we found out that Bounce a blue and loyal puffle was playing a Innocent game of hide and seek. When we left them yesterday we herd that a Innocent game turns into a island code red. Let's see how this happened...
Bounce saw a trail of pizzas just conveniently laying outside of the path and leading away from the path that Billybob put there for penguin's and puffle's safety. Now Bounce, being a cleaver puffle, always wanted to do the right thing and did look for any clues of danger that these pizzas may bring. He couldn't see any and couldn't see any penguins around so he went out following and eatting the pizzas.
While Bounce was eating the pizzas he herd a noise. It sounded like a noise coming from something bigger then him but it seemed even bigger then a penguin! Bounce herd this noise and decided to go and investigate. It sounded like someone snoring and some type of clicking... Bounce was very keen to figure out what this noise was coming from but he also wanted to eat all the pizzas. So Bounce being Bounce carried on eating the pizzas. By the time Bounce had reached the last pizza he was almost full but just had enough room for the very last pizza. Bounce headed over to the pizza when all of a sudden he was being lifted. No one was touch him though! Bounce was being lifted by... a net! "Oh no" Bounce muttered! "I'm trapped, HELP" he screamed.

Just then, the snoring noise stopped any footsteps started coming towards him. The clicking got louder and louder and a loud, deep voice said 'those ... penguin ....' Bounce couldn't hear all he was saying as it got muffled by the clicking. Bounce expected the worst as all of a sudden he saw...
Tune in tomorrow as we revel what Bounce saw and how this led to some major penguins being involved.

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