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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bounce's Puffle Journey - Part 1

There was once a blue puffle called Bounce. He was the most creative, trustworthy and friendly animal of all time.
One day, Bounce was playing hide and seek with his brother, Flare.
Flare was always nasty to Bounce, by teasing him and taking the mick out of his big bright smile (something Flare didn't have). Bounce decided to play hide and seek with his brother, so he could try to be on the friendly side of Flare (if he had one).
"1,2,3..7,9,10! Ready or not, here I come!" said Bounce, in a jolly way. Flare always hide in a really cool hiding place, so cool that sometimes Bounce couldn't find him! Now, Bounce being a puffle who likes to explore can get into trouble sometimes. He always said to himself that he would always stick to the paths that Billybob put out. Saying that, he did get distracted a lot
With Flare still hiding and Bounce.. lost in a forest of some type things were turning from a fun game into a emergency.
Find out tomorrow how Bounce and Flare get from a fun game into a island search!

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