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Breaking News: Club Penguin have given out pay checks to Elite Penguin Force agents and Tour Guides. Click here for more information.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Club Penguin Hollywood Party Poll

Club Penguin want feedback, once again! They have released a brand new Poll and want to find out what our favorite thing in the Penguin Style Catalog is!

There are five options in this poll and they are:
  • Prom King Tux
  • Shimmer Diva Dress
  • Laid Back Gray Hoddie (I gotta be comfy!)
  • Night Sky Prom Dress
  • Ancient Dragon
 I voted for Prom King Tux in this weeks penguin poll - what did you vote for?

Help Make A New Club Penguin EPF HQ

Federflink1 from the German Club Penguin team has said that he needs our help to help make an underground Head Quarters for the Elite Penguin Force!

He says we need to meet him on the German server Handschuhe at the Plaza on the 5th February 2013 at the time of 4:15pm Central European Time. Will you be attending this meet up on the German server?

Club Penguin YouTube Background Update

Like their Twitter, Club Penguin have updated their YouTube background and icon themed on the upcoming Hollywood Party. The new icon looks like this:


There new background looks like this:

I'm really looking forward for the upcoming Hollywood Party, now! What are you expecting, in this party?

Club Penguin Twitter Background Update

Club Penguin have updated their Twitter background, header and icon today all in theme of the upcoming Hollywood themed party. Their new Twitter Header:

There new icon:

There new background:

Do you like the new background, icon and Twitter header? I do!

Club Penguin February 2013 Payments!

Club Penguin have paid all of their Tour Guides by giving them 250 coins...

And have paid their Elite Penguin Force agents 350 coins...

How will you spend your coins?

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Club Penguin EPF Message From Gary

Gary has released a brand new Elite Penguin Force message today saying that the Time Trekker no longer goes back in time.

He also says that he hopes that someday he'll be able to time travel, again.