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Monday, 30 January 2012

Club Penguin Membership: Whats New UPDATE

Today I was going through the membership section on the Club Penguin Blog today when I noticed that the team have updated their membership "whats new" section! Take a look at the new update:
If you can not read it then it says..
Members, get your looks ready for the first ever Fashion Show... and more!
  • Be a superstar! Dress in the latest looks and own the runway.
  • Express your creativity with your unique style!
  • Show off your puffle's personality with their favorite hat.
  • Coming soon: Pirates needed to explore uncharted seas.
 Awesome right, I'm now very glad that I am a member on Club Penguin! It runs out very soon though so I hope I can get a new one! Are you ready for Club Penguin's first ever Fashion show? Comment below -Happyblue128.

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