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Friday, 27 January 2012

Club Penguin Clean Up Dock Background Cheats

Yesterday the Club Penguin Team released the Underwater party for us to enjoy! If you didn't notice already the Dock's sea is full of litter that can be recycled. We can recycle these by simply clicking on the rubbish! Here is a guide:
  • Login to Club Penguin
  • Waddle to the Dock on any server
  • Click on all the litter on the beach
  • Make sure the dock sea looks like this:
(Be sure to make it look like the above picture all the way across the dock's sea or you will not get the background). Now a message will come up asking you if you want the Cleaned Up Dock background! Click yes when this appears:
Well done penguins, you have cleaned up the dock and you now have a new background for this! Be sure to click yes and not no or you have to do it all over again. -Happyblue128.

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