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Monday, 18 July 2011

Club Penguin 3 Bugs In One! (Only in PT servers)

Puffle Boost Bug: 

While searching for bugs on Club Penguin, I noticed that on Portuguese servers the pin for Puffle Power wasn't translated. It should be "Poder Puffle" Check it out!
I think Club Penguin needs to be more careful.

Stompin Bob Bug:

While checking my stamp books in the Portuguese servers, I noticed that the Stompin' Bob stamp was acting weird, this is what I mean:
Club Penguin can do better than this!

Game Day Stamp Bug: 

While checking my stamp book for bugs, I noticed that one of the Game Day stamps were in English! Check it out!
'Super Upload' means 'Super Carregar' in Portuguese. What do you guys think of ALL of the bugs? Tell us in the comments!


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