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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Club Penguin Mascots: About Gary

Gary is Club Penguin's inventor and is known for his intelligence, being a high ranking Elite Penguin Force agent for known for being the former owner of the Sports Shop. Gary first appeared in the Club Penguin Times way back in one of the first ever issues - Gary is quite an old penguin! Gary calls himself the Gadget Guy of the island because he has invented most of the things that you see today on the Club Penguin island - he also once made a Time Trekker which let us go back in time to the Prehistoric ages! Gary hasn't got any puffles because he says he's too busy for one. When Gary isn't waddling around the island then you can find that he sends Elite Penguin Force messages to Elite Penguin Force agents.

When online Club Penguin Gary will usually go anywhere on the island however when not waddling around the island he's always in his Gadget Room making new inventions. As you can see in the above image, Gary is a dark blue penguin who has no hair, a pair of awesome glasses, a shirt and tie and finally a lab coat which he always wears due to doing a load of experiments! When Gary does go online Club Penguin and does waddle around the island it'll usually be for an Elite Penguin Force party, for something he invented, the Medieval Party or for the Halloween Party - he loves those types of parties. Also, like other mascots, Gary has a free background and a free stamp which you can obtain when meeting him. Along with this, you can add Gary and he should accept your request within two seconds of sending the request!

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