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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Club Penguin Mascots: About Cadence

Cadence is Club Penguin's DJ and is known for her crazy dance moves, her many songs and her funky upbeat personality. Cadence first appeared in the Club Penguin Times way back when there was a tour of the Night Club (this is her favorite place to go). Cadence calls herself the Dance Machine because she knows 6 different dance moves and the rest of us penguins only know one! Cadence has a purple puffle which is called Lolz and we first got to see Lolz in the game during the 2011 Puffle Party! When Cadence isn't waddling around the island then you can find her in the mini-game Dance Contest, which can be found at the Night Club. 

When online Club Penguin Cadence will usually go to the Dance Club first or last or at least during her visit because it's her favorite place to be. As you can see in the above image, Cadence is a pink penguin who has pink hair, a pair of awesome headsets, a scarf called the "Diva Scarf" and a pair of shoes which she loves to dance in. When Cadence does go online Club Penguin and does waddle around the island it'll usually be for a dancing or fashion themed party and she will usually be the host of the party. Also, like other mascots, Cadence has a free background and a free stamp which you can obtain when meeting her. Along with this, you can add Cadence and she should accept your request within two seconds of sending the request!

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