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Monday, 10 December 2012

What I Think Of Arctic White

Many penguins across the Club Penguin island have been talking about the upcoming 2012 Holiday Party and many penguins have been asking about the colour Arctic White getting released to the Club Penguin island. It's been ages since Billybob made that post on the What's New Blog and now that he has left the game (or is about to leave as he is leaving the Club Penguin HQ on 1st Feb 2013) we don't have that much of an idea about it... until very recently. I was on my Club Penguin Twitter account today and I noticed that one of my penguin buddies found out that Spike Hike and replied to someone's tweet asking if the new colour would be released in the upcoming Holiday Party. Spike Hike, said this: jh

I must admit, it will be awesome to become the colour white on Club Penguin however as Aunt Arctic said a few months back in the Club Penguin Times, it will be hard to see each other in the blizzards that Club Penguin have. Never the less, I'm certainly looking forward for the release of Arctic White as rumors of it have been occurring for ages now and you'll probably only be able to get the colour if you donate a certain amount of coins to Coins For Change then it will appear in the 2013 January Penguin Style Catalog and will stay there forever. Do you have any questions for me that I will answer in a post like this one? What do you think of Arctic White? Let me know in the comments

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