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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Club Penguin Puffle Party Rooms Exclusive

Today I saw a advert on Television showing some exclusive rooms of the Puffle Party 2012! They should different Puffle rooms, the Puffle Spa and the Puffle Show room. From what I can see the Puffle Spa looks like it will be for members only so be sure to have your membership! Anyway, lets take a look at the Puffle Party 2012 rooms:
The Forest (Blue Puffle's room)
The Cove (Red Puffle's room)
The Puffle Show room
The Ski Village
Finally, the Pet Shop Spa
The Puffle Party this year looks like it will be the best Puffle Party Club Penguin has ever seen! The Puffle Spa  was a great idea if you ask me, especially the whole design of the room. I would like to give credit to ICPblog for giving me these pictures, thanks buddy! What are your thoughts on this year's Puffle Party? Be sure to comment below and tell me -Happyblue128

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