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Monday, 5 March 2012

Club Penguin Experience Downtime

Today Club Penguin are experiencing some downtime for all Internet users. As we all know, when Cub Penguin updated the loading system last Thursday it hasn't been very good at loading. The graphics are better I know, but not the loading - it's worse. For Club Penguin to improve this loading system as quickly as possible they have to get all the penguins off so they have closed Club Penguin (having downtime) now. Don't worry everyone, Club Penguin will be back up and running as soon as they fixed the problem. This is the view from Google Chrome:
It is the same for all Internet users, they will all not work for! As I said at the begin of the post do not worry as in a few hours time the problem will be fixed! If you have any questions about this downtime then be sure to comment so I can answer them

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