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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Exclusive: Businesmoose Interview And Cadence Appearance!

Today I met the famous Moderator Businesmoose on Club Penguin on server Arctic! I asked him a few questions and he replied to every one of them! Below are a few pictures of what he said to me.
1) This is just proof that it is the real Businesmoose:
2) I asked Moose if Rockhopper will be attending the next party and he said "Maybe?"
3) I then told him that the stage was white for me, I couldn't see the map or anything so he decided to check out the stage with us. He said "this is strange!" "I will brb", it looks like he was seeing what the problem was as he was gone for around 2-3mins.
4) Next he said that he has thousands of buddies on his buddy list. But normal penguins (not moderators) can only have 500 buddies. This gives us a hint of how many buddies Moderators can have:
5) Then we decided to dance at the Dance Club for a bit, we even saw DJ Cadence there! I was busy parting with a moderator for Club Penguin and a Mascot! (who was at the Town in this picture)
This is the best day I have ever had on Club Penguin! First I waddle around the Island bump into a famous Moderator for Club Penguin and then a Mascot! It can't get any better then that -Happyblue128

1 comment:

Jpcpa09 said...

Once I had a party with a famous Brazilian blog and Rockhopper appeared!!! :D