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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Club Penguin New Mascots Coming This Year!

Today I was reading up on Club Penguin via Club Penguin Wiki and I noticed that on one page it shows there is to be many new Mascots coming this year! One of of the events shown, the Sport Shop being Rebuilt, there is said to be new mascot's coming (over 4) and old Elite Penguin Force mascots appearing. On the Sports Shop Rebuilt page it shows that there will be lots of new mascots. Below is a snip-it of the Club Penguin Wiki:
Mascots coming to the party: Gary, Rookie, Agent Crash, The Director, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rory and PH!
 Agent Crash (The director?)
That's loads of different mascots and new mascots coming! I think Agent Crash is the Director and he will make a appearance as Agent Crash not the Director. What do you think? Do you think Agent Crash is The Director? Also, do you think The Director or Agent Crash will ever make a appearance? Comment below and tell me -Happyblue128


NinjaBoy82 said...

These must be some of the most exiting Club penguin posts EVER.Your an awesome Club penguin Blogger ;)

Yoyojam said...

That's so cool!! Do you have pic. of Agent Crash? Awesome job Happy :] ~Yoyojam

TheBatmanCP said...

AWESOME FIND HAPPY!!!!! -Bummy Batman