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Friday, 10 February 2012

Club Penguin New Bugs Noticed

Today I noticed that when you waddle into the stage on Club Penguin the stage is plain white. All that appears at the Stage, on any server, is your penguin, the map, Elite Penguin Force spy phone, Tool Bar, Newspaper, Mail box, Moderator sign and other penguins!
If you get the new pin, released yesterday, then check your stamp book at the Pin section! You will see that the Pin's release date is wrong! It currently says it was released on the 3rd February when it was released yesterday, the 9th February.
I was with my buddy Pen50gi and I noticed he had left the room. I went to check where he went, as he was online via my buddy list, and a message came up saying he was offline. He should of just been marked as offline on my buddy list.
I had just completed the Field-Ops with my buddy Pen50gi on Club Penguin today and I noticed after I had finished the Field-Ops he was invisible! You could not see his penguin at all. His name was there but he wasn't:
Right, Club Penguin I have had enough of these bugs! Why are these bugs happening? Please, do comment below with your thoughts -Happyblue128

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