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Friday, 10 February 2012

Club Penguin Fun With Friends :)

Today and yesterday I have had a lot of fun with my friends and even mascots on Club Penguin! It has now been proven by myself that us penguins can enjoy our time while on a Computer! Take a look at how Cadence can make it fun on Club Penguin when we meet her:
Cadence replied to me! I asked her "How long have you been dancing for?" and she replied saying "since I can remember!" It's fun when DJ Cadence replies to us instead of just stands there and dances isn't it! I also caught up with my Club Penguin buddy Pen50gi on Club Penguin a lot today! I noticed that he loves to waddle around the island and show off his igloo to others. :)
I also caught up with my buddy Hsmace on Club Penguin, on Sherbet at the Dock! Now, Hsmace is a party penguin so I asked her to have a bit of a dance with me! Take a look at us, we even got the new Camera pin :)
After I met Hsmace, my buddies Boba126 and Ironman5900 appeared next to me on Club Penguin! We decided to go to the Gift Shop on Club Penguin and had so much fun! :)
After we had sat chilling on the runway we decided to change our styles and own the runway with our glam looks! We had so much fun as we walked down the runway! :)
After that I logged off and had a bit of a rest with my family :) I decided to then log back in to Club Penguin and my buddies Pen50gi, Ironman5900, Boba126 and Deanz101 were parting at the Gift Shop! :)
It was so much fun but soon they all had to leave so I was alone for a few hours just chilling at the coffee shop and listening to a bit of music and the Night Club. I then saw my buddy Bummy Batman at the Dock! :)
We sat together for a bit talking then waddled into the Dance Club but I soon had to leave. It has been a very fun yet busy day with my buddies on Club Penguin and we even ran into DJ Cadence as we tracked her down on a Spanish Server; Bahia Rock. :)
Cadence was speaking Spanish so we didn't understand what she was saying but we enjoyed her time with us. Many other penguins got the room full and DJ Cadence was parting with us all! :)
It was a really nice day on Club Penguin today hanging out with my buddies! If you got featured in this post then comment below -Happyblue128


Boba 126 said...

I had soo much fun! Thanks Happy
~Boba 126

Bummy Batman CP said...

Nice day :) I was even there xD