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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Club Penguin Exclusive: Rockhopper Island Information

Today in the Club Penguin Times Issue #330 Rockhopper has answered Ivanna Noe's question! She asked "Dear Rockhopper, What is Rockhopper Island like?" Rockhopper replied to her by telling us a little bit more about Rockhopper Island! Now, we already know that Rockhopper Island is where Rockhopper sails to and where he lives. We also know that Red Puffles come from Rockhopper Island and again, we know that Rockhopper island is a place where only Rockhopper and Yarr have gone before. But we do know a little bit more of what Rockhopper Island is about by this news article! Take a look at what Captain Rockhopper said in the article:
Amazing! Rockhopper said that he has not even seen all of his island! It must be a very warm island that is huge, a lot bigger then Club Penguin. For all Rockhopper and we know the areas of the Island that Rockhopper hasn't seen yet could be home to another penguin. As Rockhopper said, who knows what the future my hold. What do you think will happen? Do you think we will see Rockhopper's Island on the Rockhopper Quest coming up next week? Be sure to comment below and tell me

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