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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Club Penguin Better Igloo Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin have released the new Better Igloo Catalog for February 2012! There are loads of cheats in this new Catalog so the Happyblue128 team have provided you with a video with the cheats and images! This is what the front cover looks like:
 Now for the cheats! If you turn the page you will see the following items! There are a few cheats here so watch the image below:
Now you have seen the above cheat, flip the page and you will see a new page of all new items!
There is also another cheat for the same page! Check out this image below:
The above image shows the Steering Wheel that was released once in Captain Rockhopper's Rare items!
The above item is the next page of the Better Igloo Catalog February 2012! The above page is based on the Fashion Show we just had! :) From then on in the Catalog there is old items! Now you have seen the cheats via pictures! Ask promised here is the video of the cheats.

Enjoy the Club Penguin Better Igloo Catalog Cheats for the February 2012 catalog :) Comment with your thoughts of the Catalog and the catalog cheats! -Happyblue128 :)


Anonymous said...

Good video Happyblu128!
-Your friend Abc71482

Blane8 CP said...

I never found out these cheats!!! :O Thanks Happyblue128!!! You rock!