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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Club Penguin Non-Members Accessing Mysterious Deep Bug

Today I waddled into the Mysterious Deep when I noticed that my Membership had expired as a message popped up telling me. This is normal however it showed me that to become a member I could access The Bakery! The Bakery was in the Holiday Party 2011 and It's the Underwater Party 2012 isn't it! This didn't just happen once, so it isn't a glitch, it is a bug as it happens all the time!
Well, Club Penguin have failed to update the membership sign that appears when a non-member tries to access a member room. Club Penguin have had a long time to notice this bug and to fix it but have failed to. This is, almost, the only bug or glitch that is in the Underwater Party! That's very impressing as the Club Penguin Team always have bugs in every party! This time they don't have, nearly, any bugs or glitches! Well done Club Penguin except with this bug -Happyblue128.

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