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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Club Penguin Home Screen Update & Coins For Change Sign

Today while about to login to Club Penguin I noticed that the home screen of had been changed! This is because that Club Penguin Holiday party and coins for change has left the island for another year. Anyway, this is what the new home screen looks like!
If you look on you will see that Club Penguin have added a sign saying to "Click for results" on January 5th 2011. If you go to the beach on Club Penguin you'll see that the same sign appears but in more detail. Click on the sign at the beach and you'll see this:
Roll over the different caused for more information but the final result will take place on January 5th 2012! That's when you must check the sign! Drop a comment on your thoughts below ~Happyblue128

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