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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Club Penguin Puffle Hat's Now Available

Club Penguin has released hats for puffles! This is quite exciting. There are alot of hat's for all of the puffles that you can buy now. These are the hats:
If you can't see the items, these are the names of the items.
Sombrero, Pirate Hat, Princess Cap, Candy Cane Cap, Propeller Cap, Tiara, Headphones, Gear Hat, Jester Hat, and the Crown. 
Well you've bought the items, now what do you do? Go to your igloo of course! Once you're at your igloo, click on the puffle you are going to put the hat on. In my case, I will use my pet, Puddi.
Click on the coat hanger at the right. Once you do, a bunch of hat's should pop up (If you bought alot). Just like this:

My black puffle like's the pirate hat, so I'll click it, and drag it onto Puddi. Done! It looks perfect.

This is what it looks like when I waddle around with him:

Do you like Puffle Hats? Tell us in a comment!


1 comment:

Vongxm said...

Yes, I like puffle hats! Sadly, they are for members only. :( I wish they're for EVERYONE!