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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Club Penguin Fall Fair New Items 2011

Looks like Club Penguin has given us new item's for the fair. Nonmembers have pretty cool stuff, as well as member's. Let's look at the nonmember's first!
There are 2 new items, but don't worry! They are pretty cool. These new items are The Sundae Surprise (The one with the splattered ice cream cone on it's head) and the Balloonist (The one with the balloon on it's head) Now that you've seen the nonmember one, let's move on to the member one.
Have you noticed the new item's yet? If not, these are the items. Unicycle (One wheeled bicycle) Every Flavor Ice Cream (The one with 3 silly scoops) and the Lemon Balloon (Yellow balloon the mime is holding). What do you think of these new items? Tell us in a comment!


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