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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Aunt Arctic Is On Club Penguin Now?

While on twitter today I noticed that a few people had said that they had met Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin during the Adventure party! They even had some proof to show it:

Hmm I wonder if Aunt Arctic is on Club Penguin! Thanks to the people at for these pictures. Do you think that Aunt Arctic is on Club Penguin? Comment and tell me ~Happyblue128.


Pengu92908 said...

Sorry, This is fake. WHY? Because shape of Aunt Arctic's stamp is triangular, not circular. Good post btw.

Milos Curcic said...

Are that try?

Anonymous said...

good point...thank god its fake because the hole point im on cp is to meet all famous penguin and i missed one?thats not going to happen

A11766 said...

So fake, its the wrong shape stamp for a mascot :/