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Breaking News: Club Penguin have given out pay checks to Elite Penguin Force agents and Tour Guides. Click here for more information.

Club Penguin PSA Mission Cheats

PSA Mission Cheats:

The instructions for all of the missions are now here! Follow these instructions carefully.

Mission 1:

Mission 2:

Mission 3:

Mission 4:

Mission 5:

*Note* I forgot to do the favor for the penguin in Mission 5. Go to the Penguin inside the Pizza Parlor and ask him if he needs help. He will tell you that he needs to deliver a pizza to a penguin but he cant. He gives you he pizza. Go to the Ski Lodge and go to the Ice Fishing Hole. Give the Pizza to him. You will get the gift at the end!

Mission 6:

Mission 7:

Mission 8:

Mission 9:

Mission 10:

Mission 11:

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