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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Club Penguin Field Ops #97 Cheats

Club Penguin have released the 97th Club Penguin Field Ops mission for Elite Penguin Force agents to complete today. The brand new mission is starts at the Elite Penguin Force Command Room where agents see what the week brings.

When Elite Penguin Force Agents go to the above position the second in command of the Elite Penguin Force, Gary, will send them a message. This weeks message is this:

After the Elite Penguin Force Agent has seen the message and has clicked 'ACCEPT FIELD OP', they will waddle over to the location. The location this week is at the Volcano Mouth that can be found by going to the Snow Forts. As there are three paths in the Volcano Mouth, the agents will use the skill Trial and Error and will end up on the Banana Path (yellow path) and will end up in this position:

When they are in the above position, there Elite Penguin Force spy phone will be flashing green. This indicates that they have found the location Gary wants them to scan. To find out what Gary has found thanks to the agent's scan, they must complete a puzzle. This week's puzzle looks like this:

Once the Elite Penguin Force Agent has clicked 'ENGAGE' they must solve the puzzle that has been set for them. Sadly, this is top secret information so we have not been able to provide you with an image of what this looks like. We do however know what Gary said to the the Elite Penguin Force Agent. Gary said this:

Once the Elite Penguin Force Agent has seen this message, they can click 'Ok' and they'll have finished this weeks Field-Ops mission and they duties this week will be over. What we do know is they will get more Elite Penguin Force information later on in the day via an Elite Penguin Force spy phone message. When it is released, we will inform you. Let us know in the comments what you thought of this week's Field Ops mission.

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