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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Club Penguin July 2012 Membership - What's New

Club Penguin have released the July 2012 Membership's What's New Information today that shows information about Mascots coming to the island and more sneak peeks of the party. It also includes a very small sneak peek of August 2012's party.

If you can not see the above image, it says the following.
  • Complete the Daily Challenges to earn the rare golden microphone!
  • Chill out in the VIP Backstage and get the chance to meet Cadence
  • Style your penguin in exclusive music and dance items
  • Coming in August: Get your igloo ready for a tropical contest
It seems that during the Ultimate Jam Party there will be a Daily Challenge where we get the chance to win a rare golden microphone! Are you looking forward to the Ultimate Jam Party? Also, what do you think the August 2012 Party will be? Let us know in the comments your thoughts.

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