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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Rsnail May Returned To Club Penguin!

Rsnail, one of the co-founder of Club Penguin who quit the game a few years ago, has stated in a tweet today that he may come back to the game in 10 years time. The co-founder tells us that he is 'happy making new games' at the moment but may return to the game later on in life! His tweet, on his personal twitter account, says this:

It would be amazing if the co-founder, who did quit the game, would return. However, there would be problems with this.
  1. His account was removed when he quit.
  2. His penguin name is taken by some other penguin.
  3. Club Penguin may not take him back to work for them.
  4. He could quit again.
I hope Rsnail returns along with Screenhog. It'd be nice for Club Penguin's Co-Founders to be reunited working together as a team. Let us know in the comments if you believe that Rsnail will return to the game in around 10 years time.

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