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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Pengable Blog - Make Pengable Videos!

The Pengable team have released a new blog post on the Pengable blog today asking for penguins to take videos on behalf of the Pengable Team. The team say their "too busy to make videos"
Alright, so here’s the deal. The Pengable staff is far too busy constantly fixing bugs, setting up parties, etc, so we’re in need of some visuals. If you haven’t yet noticed, we took a user-made tour video of the Pengable Puffle Party video and embedded it into one of our posts (see here).

So here’s our proposal: If you make any video regarding any new updates on Pengable, and send it to our support email ( ), we’ll have a look at it and may embed it into one of our posts here on the blog. We think it’s a great idea, as it gives Pengable a video to use and it generates a handful of views for the users’ video.
We can’t wait to see the videos you come up with!
If your a Pengable player, will you be making Pengable videos and sending them into their support email ( Let us know in the comments

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