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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A List Of What Club Penguin Will Update This Week

Club Penguin are due to do their weekly updates in around 24 hours time and Club Penguin Cheats would like to take this time to tell you what Club Penguin are updating/adding to the island. Here's a list of what is expected to come to the island:
  1. New Pin
  2. New Newspaper
  3. New Field-Ops
  4. New Elite Penguin Force Message
  5. New Magazine
  6. Fireworks at Iceberg + Ski Hill
  7. Another week of the Marvel Party
Because there is a new pin out, I feel the need to push you to make sure you have collected the pin (that is located at the Mine) as it will be gone when Club Penguin update. Also, Club Penguin will be releasing a new Field-Ops so make sure you have completed this weeks Field-Ops (that is located at the Snow Forts)

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