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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Club Penguin Have A Price Update

Club Penguin have recently had a price change in some of their catalogs today. These updates include the price going down from thousands of coins to just a few hundred! The Ninja Catalog was one of the few catalogs that got updated, ever so slightly, today by the Club Penguin Team. The one thing they have done with the Ninja Catalog is the Dojo Igloo price. It was 5,000 coins as this image shows:

But today, the Dojo Igloo has a new price! It’s current price is 1,300 coins and not 5,000 coins!
  • Another price change that involves an igloo is the Cave Igloo! It was released at 2,500 coins but is now just 1,500 coins!
Now we move onto Club Penguin Furniture. The new Better Igloo Furniture catalog was released today and in the catalog the re-release of the Stereo has occurred. When it last appeared in the Club Penguin Island it was 1,800 coins per Stereo. Club Penguin have slashed the prices down and made the Stereo only 650 coins each! What do you think of these Club Penguin updates? Let us know in the comments

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