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Friday, 18 May 2012

Club Penguin Medieval Party Cheats 2012

The 2012 Medieval Party is now in full swing so ClubPenguinCheats staff would like to give you the latest, easiest Club Penguin Medieval Party 2012 Cheats. Follow these steps and you will be able to defeat The Scorn!
1) Go to the Dock and collect the 1st item in the Medieval scavenger hunt. The first item is called the Fairy Branch:
2) Go to the Beach and collect the 2nd item in the Medieval scavenger hunt. The 2nd item is called the Spheres of Starlight:
2) Go to the Ski Village and collect the 3rd item in the Medieval scavenger hunt. The 3rd item is called the Cursed Stones:
Now you have all the scavenger items waddle up to the Ski Hill and you will enter a new room. The new room looks like this:
Once you finished waddling up this new room you will reach the Ski Hill. It's full of medieval decorations.
Once you have collected all the free items, waddle over to the door and it should open!
Once you have waddled through this door, you'll find yourself in another new room. This room is called "The Birdge".
Waddle to the other side of the bridge and you will be in the Scorn Dragon's Den!
Now your in the Scorn Dragon's Den, you must defeat the dragon if you wish to save Club Penguin! How do you defeat the dragon you may ask? Well, it's very simple. When a message pops up asking you if you are ready for battle, click "Yes" and you'll now be making Club Penguin safe.
Once you have started the game you will be able to defeat the Scorn Dragon. You can defeat him by popping the bubbles (spheres of starlight) with the sord. To do this, simply click on the bubbles and they will pop.
When you have defeated the Scorn Dragon you will be rewared with a new kingdom, the Sky Kingdom!
Waddle up the path and you will be in the non-member and member room the Sky Kingdom!
Congratulations penguins, you have completed this years, new, Medieval Party 2012's quest! Let us know in the comments what you rate these new rooms and be sure to look out for free items!

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