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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Club Penguin Rookie Tracker 2012

This is Happyblue128's official Rookie Tracker that the team will work on! We are always here to help you track, as we did with Puffle Handler, and it being a new month Rookie has arrived for the new April Fools Party! Rookie usually goes in the Box Dimension, to tell explore and the Snow Forts, to chill with his buddies! If there are any new member rooms she will also be there so very sorry non-members you will have to refresh the tracker as much as possible for a better chance to find him! Did You Know Fact: We are always tracking with people who can update the tracker in Australia to America, China and even Europe!
Now, as you can see below, is are 100% accurate Rookie tracker, you must Refresh the tracker whenever you can by clicking on the tracker or clicking just underneath the tracker. Remember, that if the tracker doesn't show for a unknown reason then contact me on my twitter account or refresh the page again! Because we know that every site tracks so hard to find Mascots our site is special because we have teamed up with Graser10 for tracking Mascots as hard as we can! This is the Official 100% Accurate Club Penguin Rookie Tracker 2012!
NOTE: Refresh the tracker if you see me saying I have found Rookie (Via Twitter) and the location is not showing! :) Then come back to the site and refresh in case she moves rooms!

Rookie Tracking Chat!

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Penguin 515 said...

What is the font you used on your navbar?