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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Club Penguin Blog: Reviewed By You - Puffle Party

Today Happy77 has released a new post on the What's new community blog and it's a new Reviewed By You! This is what Happy77 had to say:
It's time for a new Reviewed By You! Earlier we asked you what your favorite part of Rockhopper's Quest has been. Check out Skittlez527's comment:
Hello, Rockhopper's Quest was really fun. My favorite part of it was when all the penguins worked together to make the Migrator sail on the water. We got to throw our snowballs at the targets to work different parts of the ship like the fan or the rockets. We can all accomplish anything with teamwork. Good job penguins!
Thanks, Skittlez527! :) And now... an exclusive Sneak Peek from the Puffle Party!
Happy77 - puffle.jpg
You've probably heard that the Puffle Party begins on March 15th! With puffles in mind, I'd love to know your favorite puffle color. Let us know in the comments below!
I'll pick one of your comments to feature on the next Reviewed By You post. If your comment is selected, you'll receive a 10,000 coin bonus on your account! These coins could help you buy your puffle a special treat for the party...
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team
I can not wait until the Puffle Party 2012 is released into Club Penguin! What do you make of this post? Be sure to comment below and tell me

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