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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Club Penguin 1,500 Coins Cheat

Club Penguin have released the 2nd issue of the Club Penguin United Kingdom Magazine. The new issue of the Magazine includes 1,500 coins to unlock via Club Penguin Unlock Items Online. There are 3 different codes that can be used to unlock items online and they are the following:
    1. j6yellow
    2. haddock7
    3. arctic20
Once you have typed these different codes in you will see that a message pops us saying you have unlocked 500 coins! This is what it will say:
I'm so Happy that I have got new coins for my penguin as I will be buying new Puffle Hats for my puffle! What will you do with your coins? Comment below and tell me -Happyblue128