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Friday, 24 February 2012

Club Penguin Rockhopper Quest Cheats 2012

Today the Rockhopper Quest Party has started on Club Penguin and many other islands! We pirates can now sail away from Club Penguin and onto 3 different islands. Rockhopper's ship has had a major upgrade to as the front of the ship is metal and the ship has turbo boosters! At the beach we can get a free item and sign up to be apart of the crew. Take a look at the view from the beach.
Waddle over to the Join The crew table and get and you will be asked if you want the Crew Hat! Say yes to the following message and you have the hat!
Now you have the Crew hat simply waddle into the Migrator as normal and Rockhopper will appear talking to you! Just read what he says and your on the Migrator!
Keep clicking the arrow and you will finish talking to Captain Rockhopper! (Note you can not get his background like this)! Now, this is what the Migrator will look like when your our at sea or first go into the Migrator:
Now after you have travelled in the ship you will dock up at a new island! This island is called the Swashbuckler Trading Post and is open to non-members and members. Check out the island.
There is a catalog on this Trading Post! You can buy 4 items at the Sale! These will be never again seen items I believe so be sure you get them. Unfortunately these are member only items and cost coins!
At this island you can not more then just buy a few items! You can get some items that Rockhopper needs! They can be found here on the island: (Note I have already clicked the items so they are gone)
Once you have clicked on the items you'll notice that a message appears saying they have been added to the Migrator.
Now, waddle back to the Migrator and set sail for a new island! This island is called Dinosaur Island and you'll need to get a gem for Rockhopper.
There is a catalog in this island to! If you click on the shop you'll waddle over there and see the following items that you can buy:
Now you have bought the items (members only) click on the gem in the cage and it will be added to the Migrator! This is what will appear:
When you see this message go back to the Migrator and you'll see that a box is filling up of items you have found! This is what they will look like at this stage.
Now you'll need to have a journey in the boat again and travel to a new island! This is the final island of the Quest and is called the Shipwreck Island.
Waddle over to the top right corner and you'll see all the items you've collected are there! Click on them and you'll notice that they build something...
Now you will be asked if you want the "Shipwreck Beacon", click yes on the message to accept it! This item is a pin so check your stamp book to see when It was released a more. Also, if you walk into the cave (for members only) there will be 2 free items! Check out the Viking Cave!
That's all the Club Penguin Rockhopper Quest Cheats! Have you enjoyed this party? Comment below and tell me your thoughts -Happyblue128

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