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Friday, 24 February 2012

Club Penguin New Helm Pin

Today the Club Penguin Team have released a new pin for us penguins to collect! The new pin is called the Helm and is found at the Skill Hill. A pin is something that penguins, on Club Penguin, can collect and it goes in their penguin's account. The Club Penguin Team release a new pin once every two weeks in a different location around the island of Club Penguin or the Iceberg. As I said before, this week's pin can be found at the Skill Hill.
Now if you waddle over to the pin at the Skill Hill then a message will pop up asking you if you wish to collect this fortnights pin! If you click "Yes" then congratulations you have got this fortnights pin! If you click "No" then you have not got this pin, but don't worry just waddle up to it again and click "Yes" to get the pin!
Congratulations penguins, you have now got the new Helm pin! Now there is just one more thing for you to do! Comment below and tell me what your thoughts of this weeks pin is!

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