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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Club Penguin: New Field Ops Cheats

Today I noticed that the Club Penguin E.P.F team have released a new field-ops! To accept your field-ops, go to the E.P.F Command room and waddle over to the field-ops sign:
This sign will appear when you waddle to the Field-Ops sign:
Click "ACCEPT FIELD-OP" and waddle over to the EPF Command Room! This is where you need to stand in the EPF Command room so your E.P.F spy phone will be flashing green:
Now your spy phone is flashing green, click on it and this message should appear:
Okay, now click "ENGAGE" and you have started the field-ops! Once you have finished the field-ops you will be rewarded with a medal that you can spend! What do you think of this Field-Ops? Drop a comment and tell me! ~Happyblue128

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