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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Club Penguin Featured Igloos 14th Feb

Today the team noticed some really cool Igloo's around the island and we thought we would featured them! Check out some of the featured igloo's below:

Hey Happyblue128! My buddy totidile has a epic igloo, the trees are amazing! Please feature it on your site!
Hey Happyblue128, my buddy on Club Penguin Usa902 has a really cool Igloo! It shows lots of pipes for coins for change and has a nice feel. Feature it on your site PLEASE!
Hey Happyblue128, someone I know on Club Penguin called Martin8647 and his igloo is very nice. It has lots of nice items and a very warm feeling. Feature it please!!
Epic igloo's penguins! If you know a buddy who has a epic, awesome, amazing or just plain cozy then be sure to drop a comment below with their penguin's name and maybe a picture of it! Again, amazing igloos everyone featured above! -Happybue128

1 comment:

Ukfan said...

Hey Happyblue, my friend Magicguy216 has a really cool igloo. He made Aunt Arctic out of puffle beds!