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Saturday, 31 December 2011

How To Enter The Bakery, Sleigh And Migrator AFTER The Party On Club Penguin!

Today I went flying in Santa's sleigh, cooking at the Bakery and playing Treasure Hunt in the Migrator! Your probably thinking what is he going on about the party has left?! Well that's very true but my buddy Spike4421 showed me today how to enter the rooms after the party! I'm here to show you!

To enter the Migrator...

Type in the URL box and sign in as normal

To enter Santa's Sleigh...

Type in the URL box and sign in as normal using that link
To enter the Bakery..

Type into the URL box and sign in as normal using that link
Remember as soon as you leave the room you can not re-enter the room you have to login again from the URL to that room! Enjoy penguins as Club Penguin will stop these links very soon! ~Happyblue128


Flap Jack7 said...

LOVE this cheat! It's fun going into the rooms after the party is over!

Waltdisney6 said...

Sweet! This cheat is epic. Thanks for posting this. I look forward to seeing more of this site!


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