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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Club Penguin Sneak Peak: 2012 Clothing Items!

Today while checking the Club Penguin Community site I noticed that the new wallpaper may hold a sneak peak of the 2012 clothing catalogues! If you look at the middle and right penguin you will see that they are wearing new clothes that haven't been added into previous catalogues therefore Club Penguin may add them in the up-coming year. Lets have a closer look what I'm talking about:

The penguin in the middle is wearing a never seen orange with blue dots scarf, where the penguin on the right is wearing a never seen before jacket with a tie. There is also another item on the home page of Club Penguin that may be released into upcoming catalogues. Lets have a quick look at what image I mean:
There looks like there could be some new items coming up very soon in Club Penguin. Maybe not in the January catalogue but the Summer catalogue for the summer items above. Hmm... these could just be nice graphics but why would Club Penguin spend time and effort into creating these and not doing anything else with them? Leave a comment on your thoughts of the Sneak Peak 2012 Clothing Items below. ~Happyblue128

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