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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Club Penguin Migrator Back!

The Migrator is back people! That's right, Rockhopper is available! We will have a tracker in handy!
It's looking as sharp as ever, don't you think? 
Rockhopper has new rare items, and one of them has a dance along with it. 
This month's free item is.... the Inky Squid Lid. Can you guess what items do the dance? If not, it is the Mustachio, Strongman Suit, and the Dumbbells. You can dress up as a Strongman! This is the dance: 
You could also buy the Inflatable Dragon and the Toy Giraffe for your igloo. Rockhopper has a new to do list, and I think they're awesome!
If you can't read it, here's what it says:
To do list
  • Play Fair games!
  • Eat my weight in pizzas
  • Show off me Migrator costume
  • Test me flipper strength!
We will track Rockhopper soon! What do you think of these? Tell us in a comment!


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