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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Cheats September 2011

 Club Penguin has released the Furniture Catalog! We found a couple of items that were hidden.
Let's get started. 
Stainless Steel Stove: 
Go to the first page of the catalog, and click on the menu on the Food Stand. 
Comfy Crab: 
Do not flip to the 3rd page, stay on the 1rst page. Click on the pile of trash in the Feed Fluffy Trashcan.
Feeding Bucket:
Go to the 3rd page. Click on the window next to Rockhopper and Yarr, at the Captain Cut-Out.
Plush Grey Chair: 
Go to the 4th page, and click on the first star of the Water Trough.
Computer Desk:
Go over to the 5th page, and click on the green plant, right on the Boss Desk.

Classroom Chair:
Look to the right, and click on locker number 3.
I hope this helped you! What do you think of these items? Tell us in a comment.


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