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Friday, 23 September 2011

Club Penguin Fair Catalog 2011

While I was playing games to get some tickets, I noticed that there was 2 catalogs for the Fair. One for non members, and one for members. Here is what the post looks like:
The non member one has pretty cool prizes, but this one has a very cool hat item. These items are awesome!
This one, unfortunately does not have a secret like the member one does, but it's pretty cool. This is the member one: 
The secret is above you, let's see if you can find it. If you can't, click on the 2nd red flag above the penguin mine. You should get a turtle!
The next one, is the Cherry Balloon. Click on the 3rd white flag, and you should get the Cherry Balloon. 
Which item is your favorite out of all? Tell us in a comment!


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