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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Club Penguin Golden Puffle Exclusive

I have some EXCLUSIVE information for you today, the possibility of GOLDEN PUFFLES coming to Club Penguin! I know what your thinking, this is for publicity, its fake, its been posted before, but THIS could actually be true!

Note: If you post about this, you must give credit to A11766,

I opened my pack of Card Jitsu Water codes today, and the first card was the Golden Puffle! Normal, I already have this card. But then when I read it, I realized that the description now means something VERY important!

The description reads:
Such a popular myth, they made a stage play about it. Does this puffle really live under the 'berg?
 Yep, you saw it, UNDER the berg! Hmm, I recognize this term, maybe from the Behind the Scenes video & Exclusives!

Hmm, does this mean that we will soon find the GOLDEN PUFFLE? Let me know in a comment!


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