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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New Club Penguin T-Shirt & Hooded Top With Puffles

Hello there penguins!
Today I was looking on Google, and I saw some items to buy at the Disney store website! Look at this Club Penguin Striped T-Shirt with puffles to buy:

I think this is an awesome T-Shirt! I really like how there is 3 puffles on it, and that it has stripes on it! This item is only available in the UK. :D Here is the other item I wanted to show you guys, its a hooded top with puffles on it! Take a look below:

I'm pretty sure that this item is for Girls only. But I'm not sure so if Boys and Girls can wear it!Hmmm....and as I said earlier, these items are only available in the UK. If I lived in the UK I would so buy these items for school! :D 
Leave us a comment and tell us what do you like about these new items?

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