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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Club Penguin New Beta Games

While I was about to play the Beta Games, I noticed they added alot of them. 

I will be posting Laser Command first. 

This might become an EPF game. You can't play it, but it looks cool! Next is Solar System.

This game is awesome! When you come to play it, the whole solar system pops up. Check it out!

Here is the solar system up close: 
The point of this game was to put all the planets in order. Next is Space Trader.

Unfortunately, you can't play this game either. Next is Spin Maze. 

This game is really fun! Next is Ice Jam. 
This game is like Unblock Me, If you do not know what Unblock Me is, click here.  The object of this game is to let the boat escape. Move the ice bergs out of the way. This game is addicting. Next is Follow Me!

You can make catchy tone! If you follow the green circles and succeed, it will make a catchy tone! For example, if you see the fourth circle shining, Press J on your keyboard. It should say this if you complete the tunes. A penguin went to sea sea sea to see see see what they could see see see. But all that they could see see see was the bottom of the deep blue see see see. Its a catchy tune! Next is Yum Yum Yuck Yuck.
Yum yum yuck yuck is an easy game. Don't feed the puffle the spinach! 
This is what happens if you complete the level: 

You can stay on the same level or make the level harder. Next is New Player Card Penguin Idea. 
I like the new penguin! What do you guys think the new Beta Games? Tell us in the comments!


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